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Sunday, January 2, 2011

010111-New Year..Sungmin oppa's birthday..

Happy New Year to all the bloggers. Okay, I think this already late as today already January 2. But, it not late yet to say HAPPY NEW YEAR AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO SUPER JUNIOR LEE SUNGMIN. ^^..

Sungminni or more known as Danghaebok (Pumpkin) was born in Ilsan, Korea on January 01, 1986. He is a guy of type A. Is he cute? Well, I think he is cute and adorable. Muahaha..^^V. Sungmin oppa is master in Chinese martial art just like Han Geng oppa. To Sungmin oppa, I wish you all the best (even though I know he wouldn't read my blog^^) and saranghabnida..

And for me as well, this new year will bring me a lots of experience. Jakkanman; I thought all year brought a lots of experience to me.Hehehe.. Okay lah, I hope this new year will bring me more and more happiness in my life no matter what I get involved to. To left 2010 behind such a painful and depressed memories kinda hard but I think I can do it. Kimiyun, Aja Aja..^^V

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