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Sunday, January 9, 2011

090111-You kill my heart again

This song I dedicated to my friend who being dumped by her girlfriend..*so pity,thank God he didn't do something stupid.

Clenching My Fists Tight

I told you to go, go away
I replied back to you that I didn't like you
Because I thought I wasn't going to see you again
I wanted to embrace you with my two arms
But I couldn't do that
Because I thought I was going to cry first

We can live apart, there is a farewell for us
Only fake laugh coming out
I will send you away so hurry up, go and be happy
Clenching my fists tight, I started to cry
We can't meet again, now we really can't meet

I bit my lips at these cold icy words
I don't want to look back, I don't want to ever look back
I tell myself over and over again
But I can't do that
After that the dreams of me finding you repeats
Just looking at your back, you don't smile back looking at me
I happily greet you even though there is no response from you

So that I won't end up regretting after I wake up from this dream
It isn't easy to fill up a blank space
The memories just shine a light to where you are
Words that I don't even mean, I send them to you
Clenching my fists tight, good luck to you

I didn't know it was this hard walking back home
My heart is too stuffed up
I need to live better, I need to fight this off
No matter how much I tell myself
It is so hard because thought of you roam in my mind 

Even though I tell myself that I will forget a girl like you
Even though I tell myself that I will never look at a girl like you
But again I can't forget you
We loved each other, we really loved each other
Why are we breaking like this...( let's don't breaking up)

Telling me that you couldn't live without me
Telling me that you were going to die without me
You who used to say such thing, where did you go
Where did you go...

P/S : Credit to my favorite kpop band, BEAST for singing this song that in a coincidental has the same story like what my friend being through lately.

*Gosh, I will kill that girl who so stupid for dumping my friend like that. After she clean up all my friend's money, she go away just like a wind.>.<

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