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Friday, January 14, 2011

140111-I'm 22years old and SURPRISE!!!!!

140111... today is my BIRTHDAY
I'm already 22 this years
Thanks to my friends... mie, yus, cma, farhana(kakak), aida n auni*absent
coz make such a surprise birthday party to me

Thanks to cma and mie... and tahniah jgk kt korang
coz berjaya 'melakonkan' watak dengan begitu 'perfect' lagi mantap
I will nominee you guys as the best actress this year..^^

Happy birthday to aida's mom*umi
Coz having same birthday as mine
Thanks to those who wish me via facebook and messages

Thanks to my dear sister
For being the 1st family's member who wish me a happy birthday
I love you sis^^

Thanks to Allah who giving me an opportunity to having such beautiful life
With my family and my friends
Syukur Alhamdulillah... masih diberi kekuatan dan kesihatan

Thanks again
Luv you guys so much and I will never forget this moments.

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