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Monday, January 3, 2011

020111-Last Day For My Precious Holiday

Tomorrow the class will begin and what I'm doing right now? Still awake and not have any intention to go sleep yet. My first class will begin at 8am. Oh, how lazy I am.=.=.

I want to tell you a funny story(its sound funny to me but don't know about all of you). Okay, this is the story. Aku dah ada kat UNIMAS for 4semester and still aku tak tahu mana letaknya kelas aku untuk esok. Seriously saying, even my friend who one of the PSS member didn't know where the exactly our class is.

For this sem, aku nak buat yang terbaik(not terbaik means more that it). Aku rasa aku belum cukup bagus and smart enough to compete with all my course mate. OMO... somethimes, I feel like I'm just a little ant who wanna to have a fight with elephant( Jakkanman; why did I compare the ant with an elephant?O.o?). No matter what, I'm going to push myself on it. Biar orang kata aku saja cari penyakit dengan paksa diri aku as long as I can show my true inner. Muahahahaha..XD

Okay la bloggers, its time for me to sleep. I hope I can sleep well and wake up early. I have to find my class tomorrow morning and avoid from being lost in order to find the class.XD.. Nitez, bloggers..

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