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Saturday, January 8, 2011

080111-I'm BORED!!!!!!!>.< Ottokke?

BORED... I'm really really BORED today
Everything feel something wrong somewhere
Wake up in the my morning daily
And then??... do nothing
Sitting before my laptop... online facebook or download something
But still... I'm BORED

Even though I'm BORED... I'm still remember this day
Today was my brother's birthday...*since when I have brother? ;p
Okay I'll make it clear... today is my adapted brother's birthday
So as his adapted sister... I give him my wish
For give him my wish... I'm not BORED O.o

BORED BORED BORED... even writing blog make me BORED
Ottokke?... is that my fault too?
I'm trying to do something that will not make me BORED
But... what is it?
Even after taking my afternoon nap... I'm still BORED *hehehe
Ah, I really miss my time... where I'm not BORED
I really miss the time I have to struggle by finishing my assignments on time
That I think will avoid myself from being BORED

Oh my dearest lecturers... please gimme me assignments
Or else... I will BORED TO DEATH

P/s: I bet even I've already got lots of assignments, I'm going BORED too. Waeyo? Because I'm lacking of idea to finish it.;p

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