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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Aku Join contest...{cabutan bertuah untuk semua membe2 prince}

Location : Meja study bilik bernombor....tettt..rahsia.
Date : Check it on your own calendar.
Time :  Baru pas masuk waktu solat Asar bagi kawasan zon Samarahan, Sarawak

Gosh, what am I doing? IPAP midterm is around the corner and IE assignment? Not even touch it. (-.-"). So, what am I still doing here? Playing aroung, blogwalking to my blogger friends while eating chips. Hahahaha..

Okay, back to main topik. See my new entry? Just want to try my luck. Mana lah tahu kan? Well since aku xjoin contest teka teki yang prince buat dulu. Joesonghamnida my blogger friend. Nak join but lack of time. Lol, just a stupid excuses.(=.=) . Wanna know lebih detail? Klik here.

Well, syarat2 penyertaan?

  •  Put his header in mine. (Actually before this, de copy coz knonnyer nak join kontes teka tekuk 2 but then? Huhuhu...Sorry prince (^_*)
  • Already be his follower.
  • Well, he is one of my geng bloggers. See it at my Geng Bloggers.
  • Hurm, tag my friends' name and it has to be 3 person? Prince, can I tag more than that? demand sungguh ko Yun. (-.-"). Okay then, here they are.

yang terakhir, my friend from... Uganda. Lalala,just joking. Err... It wasn't funny, isn't it.? Oh boy, Yun, you ruined it again. (-.-"). Well, here goes for nothing. My next friend is...

Aku rasa nie je kowt. Ker de pape lagi nak tambah? Hurm..takde rasanyer. Okay, done with new entry and now going to work on my IE... sort of. Hahaha.. Adwae! Yun, get rid of this kind of 'L' or 'M' disease from you. K, zaSSSSss!!

1 comment:

  1. hahhaha...
    thnx ya 4 joining my contest..
    hope luck will b wif u..


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