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Saturday, February 5, 2011

050211-Turned My World Upside Down!! new entry for this lovely evening "Turned My World Upside Down". Why? Why did I want to turned my world upside down? Simple my dear readers. I'm so bored today. It's just for fun because I love make my life being crazy like.....*hurm,who wanna be my subject for today? Please comment me.hahahhaha.

Are you crazy? Yes, I will admit that I am CRAZY!!!..Why? I don't know either.hehhehe.. What day is today? Oh,ya. Today is Saturday; my craziest day ever. Why did I say today is my craziest day ever? Because after this *around 730pm or something*, I will be gone. Gone to do something crazy outside the campus with my crazy friend aka my crazy daughter in FB. Presenting my crazy friend...

Tada..... this is my crazy friend that I told you just now. Hahahhaha, together with her after this, I'm going to be more crazy than before. What are we going to do? It's a secret. Wanna to know? Keep looking forward reading my blog okay? hehehhe.

Don't worry fellas. My crazy day will end as soon as my tik tok clock pointed at midnight than PUFF!! I'll become NORMAL again..*as if I'm abnormal before.:p* But, I don't know about Yuss Fairuz. I think she might be permanently crazy after we get back to our campus then.hehhehe.*Yus, don't get mad or you'll be more crazy than I am.hehehe

So,fellas, Let's get started being crazy and look forward on how I make my world upside down. I will quickly update it in my blog. And now, please excuse me for a while because I'm going to make something stupid to my crazy friend, Yuss Fairuz. Wait; Yuss, You forgetting something. Please bring it together when you step out of my room. What is it? Your footprints. It's hard to cleaned yours.Hahahahaha...
*Run for my life!!!!


  1. amboi2..ko cakap ak giler..hello..ak giler kejap jerk k..huhuhu..esok da ok da..hehehe

  2. weekkkkk,,,,,,,kjp la sgt an...hahagagagag


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