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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Burden by ASSIGNMENTS!! (=.=")

Oh my.... Got a lot of assignments to submit next month.
Plus seminar and term paper as well. I'm dead meat. (=.=")

Let's see how many assignments I got for this semester
On 2/3.. Got to present my SEMINAR PAPER for International Politic of Asia Pacific and TERM PAPER on 10/4.
Got to submit GROUP ASSIGNMENT for International Economic on 16/3 and it INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT on 15/4.
4/4...time to submit PROJECT PAPER for Social Theory and a week after on 11/4 submit INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT
PLUS, got MIDTERM for International Politic of Asia Pacific on 15/3!!! (T.T)

Otte? Whether like or not...
All this thing should be done before its due date.
But, for now....... (-.-")

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