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Saturday, February 26, 2011

My First Trial Making KIMBAP (^^,)V

Let's put my problem aside.
Have you try sushi?

I've tried once.
Hurm...not really bad la.
But, I'm not going to tell about sushi but KIMBAP.

This is how kimbap looks like.
It look same like sushi, right?
Let's me tell you a little about kimbap.
Kimbap(김밥) is a popular dish among Korean made from steamed white rice(called 'bap') and various other ingredients, rolled in dried laver seaweed(called 'gim'). So, that's how gimbap got its name.(^^,)V

How to make it?
Simple because the basic ingredients of making kimbap(also known as 'gimbap') are rice, meat or other protein rich ingredient. Don't forget to put in large variety of vegetables too.
And the result will look like this

Hehehe..this is my first trial so it look a little of weird.(-.-")
I didn't put vegetable because we don't have place to stew it.
So, we just use sausage as it core.
And the rice? Haiya, just bought it at cafe lorh.
Maybe after this, we will use vegetables as it core.
Stew it using the heater lorh.

"Punah heater aku lau camni. (-.-")"

Well, at least my friends said::

"Its yummy!"

Hallo, this is what they said just now okay. Not bad for the 1st trial.\(^o^)/

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