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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Better Think From Nothing

The continuation from the entry of 'Merisik? Dirisik? Ottokke? (O.o)'. He sent me an message yesterday asking for my ring size. I'm almost chocked the moment he asked me that. Is he CRAZY or something? Adwae! (>.<). This is not the time yet, I'm still need my freedom and I don't know if I want this relationship become more seriously. Joesonghamnida.:((

The conversation between me and my mom:::
Mak: Kau pikir baik2 dulu. Nie soal masa depan kau jgk. Mak nk tahu, kau maafkn semua kesalahan die kat kau dlu?
Me: Errr..(I'm became stutter for nothing.). Orang dh lame maafkn die mak tapi... Mak, orang mmg sayang kat die tapi bile pikir pe yg die wat kt orang dlu, orang jd confius.
Mak: Kau pikirlah betol2. Buat solat istikharah. Minx petunjuk kat Allah. Kalau dah betol2 suke sama suke, mak jalankan.
Me: (Thinking deeply). Mak, dulu die yg ckp kitorang xsetaraf sebab orang dapat U and die lak xsambung U teros keje. Tapi sekarang? Orang xfaham ar die tue mak. (This time I started to whimper like a baby to my mom. As if she were here,next to me..I want to cried in her arm.)
Mak: Mak xpandang die tue kaya ker miskin ker; setaraf xsetaraf. Yang penting KESEFAHAMAN. Kalau belom apa2 dh bergaduh, esok dh kahwin bercerai berai itu yang mak xnk. Dah, kau pikir baik2. Ni soal hidup kau. Mak xnk tentukan jdoh anak2 biar korang yg tentukan sendiri.

Ottokke? I can't give my attention to anything because of this until last night, I make my decision to asked him personally. At first, he make a joke for every single word I said to him but then he say::

"Okaylah, Ahad nie saya balik jumpa parents saya balik dan bincang dgn mereka macamana. At least, dorang takdelah malu sangat if keluarga Yun tolong pinangan saya nanti. But, if they agreed, I want you to come back here."

Guys, this is not a fiction but the reality that is happen to me right now. I used to say:

"Bestnyer tengok orang bertunang, tengok orang kahwin"

But, when it coming to me? What happen? I really hate it and think that I wasn't ready for that such commitment.

Now, I want to become the old KimiYun who happy even though she was surrounded with 1001 of problems. I have my family and friends by my side and if they happy, I think I'm happy too..

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