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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

080211-I Love Chocolate More Than I Love You...So,don't be jealous.

Hi there, my new entry for today is "I Love Chocolate More Than I Love You... So,don't be jealous". Why chocolates? Hehehehe...Got story behind it lol.^^.Its happened on last Saturday (if I'm not mistaken la),me together with Yus aka Bebylicious got nothing to do while my dear rumate was in her friend's house in somewhere in Matang. While I'm searching in my locker (place where I hide my stuff.hehehhe), finally I found Cadbury chocolate 'Fruit and Nut'. Actually I prefer 'Black Forest but I didn't saw any here so I just bought 'Fruit and Nut' instead of nothing to bought.

Oh,my dear chocolate..I love you more and more
Okay, continue to my story just now. So, we ate it together. At first, yes; I'm enjoy it but then I gave it to Yus to finished it because I'm already full. Oh, gosh. Now I know, chocolate can make you full easily.hehehe.. But,not long after that I'm looking for something to eat. Hahaha. Well, because it has almond on it so I'm a little bit of hard to finished it. Don't ask me because I don't know either. So, I just ate raisins and the rest Yus will finished it. Thanks Yus.^^

I prefer drown in chocolate river rather than drown in your false promises.
I'm starting to love chocolate when someone gave me a chocolate bar for my birthday. Who is that? Hahaha..Someone I know in my secondary high school. Since that, I started to loves chocolates and if I have any left pocket money, I will bought chocolate especially Cadbury. But, there someone who use to told me that you will getting fat when you ate chocolate. Is that for real? No la.Its just a mitos. You can eat chocolate without worrying you will getting fat.

The most important is you know what kind of chocolate you bought. Choose chocolates that make with full of chocolate unless you bought 20cent punya coklat. You got me right? I've read an article saying that chocolate will gave you an energy especially when you doing an extreme activity such as tracking or anything extreme lor. Masa I gi tracking kat Bako National Park, I do brought chocolate to generates my energy back after hours tracking. The other benefit of chocolate is it can generates your hormone (sorry,forget what hormone is). Chocolates can make you relax. So, if you in depressed or something hurry and find chocolate and eat it. You will be fine after that. I've tried it before when that stupid guy dumped me.huhuhu.

So, the moral of my new entry today is I love chocolate more than I love you...So, don't be jealous.hehehe..Okay, I want to finish my chocolate first. Oh,you can't imagine how wonderful it taste it when they melted in your mouth. Bye for now and see you tomorrow..^^

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